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Rails 3 Upgrade

“If you want an upgrade guide without any hassle, the Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook is a must buy.”

— Peter Cooper,


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Rails 3 has what?

Rails debuted in late 2004 and changed the way a lot of people think about web development. Today in early 2010, we're looking at a totally new, more mature framework in Rails 3.0 that (I believe) will change the way a lot of Rails developers think about how they use it. The new features, performance improvements, and API changes aren't incredibly drastic, but they do present great opportunities (and challenges) to those looking to upgrade existing code to the newest version.

This book is a look at how to go about upgrading your existing Rails app to Rails 3, how to convert common patterns to new ones, and how to improve your existing code in light of the new Rails 3 features. Inside you'll find everything you need to upgrade your application to Rails 3 and then apply many of the improvements in Rails 3 to your existing code.

About the author

Jeremy McAnally (blog) has been a Ruby and Rails developer for almost 6 years and recently founded Arcturo, a web and mobile consultancy. In that time, he's worked on a lot of successful products with some of the top minds in the Ruby community. Jeremy is the author of Ruby in Practice and Mr. Neighborly's Humble Little Ruby Book and co-author of MacRuby in Action. He's contributed a ton of documentation and code to Rails (including application templates), and more recently, he created the Rails Core Team sanctioned Rails 3 upgrade tool, rails_upgrade.

About Arcturo

Arcturo (website) is a web and mobile consultancy composed of some of the most experienced developers in our industry. We specialize in Rails and iOS development and also offer mentoring and training services to teams who need the education of experience on their side.

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